You… Mash’Allah

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The moment you were born and people saw your face,
Everyone knew you are a pearl of grace

One look was enough,
I was in love
Seeing you among others is more like a diamond in the rough

I search all over the place.
To find a time to look at that face

Worth more than all the world’s money,
No one dare look at you funny,

Eagerly anticipated like the Eid’s moon
Here, I’d agree with Hilal committee ‘coz I’d want to see you than calculate
Every chance I see you smile… it feels so great

Though I see you often, that’s never enough
You perfectly fit the description of “hot stuff”

One look is enough to swoon anyone of their feet
Accompanied with a style and taste no one can beat

Can’t you see you and I go together
I won’t get tired of seeing your face, never ever

Time to stop this rhyme, got to say hello to that face
But first let me also be grateful to one invention, that’s a true ace

The Mirror of course! Which I’ll dearly embrace,
‘Coz without it, how would I ever see that blessed and perfect face