Volume XIX, Issue 2: Open Submissions!

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Missed the chance to submit your work for our first issue? Like what you see so far of TMV and want to contribute? The Muslim Voice is now accepting submissions for our upcoming winter issue! That’s right! Volume XIX Issue 2 is already underway, but we need you to share your stories, reflections, articles, photography, or even blogs about your perspectives on our new theme!

Submissions close November 6!

THEME: Fear of Failure

“Epic fail” is a term that is used today to mean utter failure where success could have been easily obtained. Memes, YouTube videos and Vines all over the internet have turned failure into a popular form of entertainment.

But let’s not sugar coat it: failure is inevitable. It is a natural and probable by-product of the attempted execution of any endeavor. Life does not always turn out the way you want it to, and even in those moments when you reach success, the moment may still feel imperfect. Sometimes your best just is not good enough. But does this stop you from trying? Coming to terms with your shortcomings may be difficult, but is it even necessary?

Looking into the face of failure, are you encouraged to do and be better, or is it best to give up and move on? How does the fear of failure affect what you do and how you do it? Is failure some abstract thing or does it take a physical toll on our being? Is there a right or wrong way to responding to failures? Is it true: “there is nothing to fear but fear itself”? Does the concept of failure or the odds of failing frighten you?

We hope to explore these issues through the stories of student body and our Muslim Community. Submit your work to [email protected]om for the chance to be featured in our upcoming issue! Submissions close November 6!