Volume 20 Issue 2 Release!

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TMV Volume 20: Issue 2

Assalamu Alaikum, TMVers!

What does it mean to be an adult? How are you supposed to handle finances while you’re still a student? How do you find the perfect balance between work and play? In our latest issue of The Muslim Voice Magazine, we try to find out.

You can grab a hard-copy of our TMV Magazine Volume 20, Issue 2 release at the office of the Muslim Students’ Association @ University of Toronto or at any one of our prayer spaces or magazine stands throughout the campus!

As always, you can also get it online here! Make sure you check out our previous issues over on our Magazine Archives page.

Insha’Allah, we hope you enjoy reading it! Please feel free to share it with everyone you know and do let us know what you think!

Your input is always appreciated :)