Volume 19, Issue 3: Submissions Open!

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The Bigger Picture: Examining the Muslim Community

We have, in our past issues, taken a deep look at Potential and Fear, two abstracts that can have both positive and negative effects on our lives. Often we have the potential to do great things but we are held back by the fear of failure or the fear of inadequacy, and it is only through self-reflection that we are able to jump-start the processes of self actualization and intellectual maturation. However, though these processes are of the utmost importance, they are, for the most part, primarily concerned with the growth of the individual. What about the community as a whole? What challenges do we face? What successes have we achieved communally? How do we reinforce the “unity” in “community”?

Volume 19, Issue 3 of The Muslim Voice Magazine intends to explore the successes and failures of the Muslim community. How have we established ourselves in the West? Has our ability to adapt to a different society eroded our sense of Islam or has it made us stronger? What and where is Islamic art? What us the role of the Muslim woman inside and outside our community? What is the future of our community in Toronto? Are our masajid places of worship and community or are they spaces that emphasize divisions in the ummah?

In order to facilitate dialogue that is both engaging and clear, our third issue will explore these questions through five different lenses:

  • Mosques: Inside and Out
  • Politics
  • Opinion
  • Technology
  • Arts and Culture

Submissions are now open! We welcome all perspectives and hope to receive many articles discussing current events or developments connected to the Muslim community that you feel require greater exposure or dialogue. Send us an article, reflection, poem, story…send us anything! You are free to write for any section, but be sure to keep The Bigger Picture in mind.

Send your pieces to [email protected]. Submissions close February 10.

We can’t wait to hear from you!