Volume 18: Issue 2 Articles

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(Note: These articles are part of Volume 18, Issue 2 publication, to view the ISSUU version of the magazine click here)

From the Editor’s Desk

On Love and Being Loved (by Aisha Raja, UofTMSA President)
A man named Robert (by Leena Halees)
SAY WORD, there’s a word for that? Filling in the language gaps (by Marzia Niamah)
Amina from Afghanistan (by Tanzina Zaman)
Mentorship Program at UofT MSA (by Sameer Zaheer)
Things I didn’t know I loved (by Osama Omar)
A Worldly Farewell (by Ifrah Akhter)
Spread the Word (by Abdullah Shihipar)
The Joys of MSA Drama – A Satire by Muslim Medicine (by By Dr. O [Omar Shareef])
Contemporary Role Models of a Contemporary Religion (by Amina Mohamed)
Commuter Diaries
The Yellow Brick Road to Self-Reflection: Connecting with One’s Heart (by Waqas Ullah Khan)
The Consumer and the Product (by Ibad Cheema)
At a Second Glance (by Hirra Sheikh)
Project Connection (by Zenaira Ali)
Connecting the Healthy Mind to a Healthier Body (by Ibad Cheema)