Things I Didn’t Know I Loved

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By Osama Omar

A Tribute to Md. Faizur Rahman (January, 1932 – October, 2008): A loving grandpa, a great educationist.

Things I didn’t know I loved,
His touch of wrinkled skin.
There was always a hint of smoothness,
Hidden, concealed deep within.
I remember, as a child
He lovingly brushed my cheeks,
Creaseless; unlike his.
Last time we touched?
I can’t remember; it’s bleak.

Things I didn’t know I loved,
His calm, composed eyes.
The coolness that resided within,
Resemblance with the hue
His dignified clemency and authority,
Emergent with the iridescent blue.
The last time I saw the pair of them,
They never opened again.

Things I didn’t know I loved,
His elderly fragrance of musk.
Lush and extravagant,
Occasionally it resurfaces
And still clings onto my nose, that smell.
Wait, before I forget, did I mention?
It was strongest on Fridays.
If I recall, last time I actually smelt it,
The time we bade farewell.

Things I didn’t know I loved.
The countless hours I spent with him,
Now I reminisce in the verbatim dreams,
Wishing I had illuminated our love further,
Much brighter for the World to see.
If I recall, the most vivid of all,
Was when his soul was released; free.

Things I didn’t know I loved.
His husky, handsome voice.
Commanding – yet, warm and tender
it was a delight to my ear,
every time it called my name.
The last time I heard it – It gurgled.
Wish I could hear,
that voice, again.