Perfect Freedom

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We used to be close, you and I
we were twined like branches of vine
and I thought only of you.

You with your quick joys and even quicker declines
your heart unpredictable but you still had mine waiting
for your every change in mood.

But while I waited the seconds ticked by,
and the minutes ticked by,
and the days went by,
and the months went by
but I thought only of you.

I, flying above peaks on the wings of your sweet promises
only to crash into the depths from the hard reality,
I thought only of you,

But there in the doldrums,
your false promises showed their truth,
exposed by the Light of Truth
that freed my heart from you

And there in the doldrums,
my heart was re-focused
towards a higher way.

So please keep your quick joys that fade just the same;
I’m free from your embrace, my heart untethered
from your moods.

So now when the seconds tick by,
and the minutes tick by,
and the days go by,
and the months go by,
I try to remain steadfast,