Now Accepting Submissions!

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The Muslim Voice Magazine is now accepting submissions for the first issue of Volume XIX! Submit your stories, articles, poems, etc. about your ideas and inspirations that are relevant to the following theme to [email protected] and you can have the chance to be featured in our issue!

Submissions close October 4!

The Theme: Potential and Overcoming Obstacles

Tap into your true potential. Leave nothing unturned. And then, tell us about it.

What does POTENTIAL mean to you? How do you utilize it in your everyday life? What lies behind it?

Within the course of your life, it is inevitable that you will run into obstacles – obstacles that may push you to your limits. The determination with which you apply yourself to such an overwhelming task is one of the greatest indications of personal growth. Realizing your potential takes a push in a new direction down a path you may have previously avoided. You may be well acquainted with your own personal limits but without the potential to challenge them, or more importantly, surpass them, how do you measure your victories and successes? If you use your potential to strengthen your states of being, what does it take to offer your potential to your passions and convictions? How do you utilize potential to set into motion your aspirations for your academic, familial and working lives?

The Muslim Voice hopes to explore these issues in relation to the insights and teachings of Islam. As part of the Muslim community, how can we use our potential to better ourselves and inspire others to do likewise?