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Many lectures delivered by world renowned Islamic scholars can be viewed freely online. These masterful speakers give more than your average Friday khutba (sermon), and are guaranteed to entertain and inform. So click over to and check out these famous scholars:


A medical doctor by trade, this champion debater presents scientific evidence of the superiority of Islam over all other religions and social ideologies. Brother Zakir candidly addresses the topics at hand, and will leave you in awe with his air-tight arguments and encyclopaedic knowledge of the various religious scriptures.

Check out these lectures: “Is the Qur’an God’s Word?”, “The Qur’an and the Bible in the light of Science?”


Brother Abdul charms audiences with his brand of casual, all-encompassing lectures and seems to follow his train of thought wherever that may take him. This British revert to Islam makes light of his resemblance to Christian images of Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, and once slyly remarked that he could “probably start a cult if (he) wanted to”.

Check out these lectures: “Coca Cola Muslim Generation”, “Passion of Jesus: Son of Marry”


Brother Khalid is a powerful speaker with an animated delivery who was inspired by Malik El-Shabazz’s (aka. Malcolm X) acceptance of mainstream Islam. He will especially appeal to those who seek the Muslim equivalent to the familiar booming church Pastor.

Check out these lectures: “What is the Purpose of Life?”, “Changing the World Through Da’wah”


He was born in Jamaica, spent some of his childhood in Toronto, travelled the world, reverted to Islam, and then settled in the Middle East. Thankfully, brother Bilal’s lectures follow a more due course, and he calmly addresses topics that are often glossed over by other scholars.

Check out these lectures: “Angels and Jinns”, “Think Win-Win: The Motto of the Believer”

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