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By: Syed Mashhood Hussain

There is a strange tranquility in a sunset, 
It's melancholic, morose,
Almost like a goodbye.

It's as if the sunset knows,
how dark the night would be.
As if she knows, Like a psychic,
what pain and claustrophobia it would bring for some.

The sunset changes colours in the sky,
Mustard to tangerine,
and then to a bluish hue.
As if signifying the different moods,
the night would have in store.

As the sun sets in the horizon,
A shadow of its former Glory,
We are reminded of the fact that,
Not everything happens for good.

The darkness makes us realise,
that not all ends well.

But the night knows what it has always known,
Tomorrow is another day.
And like a dedicated lover,
The Sun keeps its promise,
It gives yet another glimpse of hope,
At the break of dawn!

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