Eid, What Eid?

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By: Usama Bin Ansar

Eid has always been a social occasion. We go out, we meet people, our families visit each other, friends hang out – we enjoy being in the company of our friends and family. It is a festival. This Eid, although, just like this Ramadan, is nothing like that.

Of an Old Battlefield Where the Wind Still Rustles

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By: Shanzay Sethi

I would be lying if I said it hasn’t been that bad this quarantine. Because the truth is it has been nothing but a trigger. A trigger to my mental health. A trigger that has made me fear myself to the extent that I do not want to crawl back into that dark side within me.

Reflections on Quarantine

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For all the talk about individual autonomy, for all the romanticism associated with freedom, for all the musing about liberty, are we, as a species or as individuals, really in control of our lives?

How Quarantine is Making Me a Better Muslim

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By: HumblySteve

I am an undergraduate student in Toronto. I felt that my life was going as smooth as possible for a first year. I had made some new friends, had adjusted nicely and had set the pace for the next few years of my life but of course, whenever things are going too well there is always a catch.