A Frosh Start

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Four years of high school have led to this point. Four years of sweat, suffering and sleepless nights come here together in a pivotal moment in my life: my first lecture at my first day at the University of Toronto. Well, actually, it started the week before, at a popular little gathering known as “Frosh Orientation”. I spent the better chunk of summer contemplating whether or not I should drag myself through a week of crazy events when I could just take another week of sleeping in and relaxing restfully at home. I had heard too many blood curling stories of caffeine pills and sleep walking to consider the second option seriously. After a careful assessment, I decided to go in hopes of meeting fellow first-years and making study buddies for the year. In the end, besides the fact that I was burnt out and overwhelmed with exhaustion, Frosh Week wasn’t so bad. Now the real fun and excitement was about to begin…